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Awakening the Intelligence of the Heart

Join Patricia Walden for a special workshop on April 18, 2009 with asana, pranayama, and discussion.

April 18, 2009, 10:30 am – 6:00 pm
Cambridge Masonic Hall, 1950 Massachusetts Avenue, Porter Square, Cambridge
Students must have a minimum of two years of experience with the Iyengar method to attend this workshop.
For more information, contact Phyllis at 781.648.3455 or email info@yoganow.net.


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Below follows the information from Patricia’s discussion in Tuesday night class, 10 February 2009.  Patricia invites you to comment on your experiences, should you wish.

1.3 Tada  drastah svarupe avasthanam;  then the seer abides  in her/his own true splendour

Chant OM at the beginning of each practice. Read sutras 1.27 and 1.28

Choose one of the following families of asanas to focus on over this 3 week period ( February 10th – March 3rd)

Families of Asanas

  • Standing asanas
  • Forward bending (standing and seated)
  • Twists (standing and seated)
  • Backbends
  • Inversions; headstand, shoulder stand, plow
  • Supine ( baddha konasana, supta virasana, supta swaztikasana, supported setu bandha sarvangasana)
  • Seated asanasa ( baddha konasana, virasana, dandasana, upavista konasana).

Incorporate some of the asanas from the family that you chose each day, or in each practice session.

Twice a week, do all the asanas from the family you have chosen. For example:  do all the standing forward bends and seated forward bends that you have learned.


Include inversions in each practice.

  • Always do sirsasana before salamba sarvangasana. 
  • Always do passive, cooling asanas after sarvangasana and halasana.
  •  End each practice with savasana ( at least 10 minutes)


Do a restorative practice once a week. If you are going through a stressful time, do a restorative practice more than once a week.

Begin a pranayama practice. Start by doing 10 minutes


Cultivate Understanding

  • Observe one external thing that is sabotaging your evolutionand or practice
  • Observe one internal thing that is sabotaging your evolution or practice.
  • One external  thing that is contributing to your evolution.
  • One internal thing.
  • Write your observations down.
  • Observe one external thing that inspires you.
  • Observe one internal thing that inspires you
  • Write your observations down.


Yama and Niyama

  • Commit to one for the 3 week period
  • Is there a quality that you would like to cultivate


Other suggestions:

  • Have an overall Intention ( sankalpa)  for this 3 week period.
  • Read a sutra or a sloka form the Bhagavad Gita before your practice, or before you sleep
  • If you miss a practice or practices,   begin again with a positive mind.
  • It’s  never too late to brake the chain.


Regular practices brings  joy, contentment and self knowledge.



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